About us - Brumm
Gdzie kupić

The Brumm brand was developed in 2013, following a number of conversations and surveys of drivers and car users. They were asked whether car care products available in the market met their needs. The surveys revealed that despite a plentiful supply of auto detailing products, car users were not satisfied with their range available in the market. Guided by their responses, suggestions and expectations, we proceeded to developing a new, distinguishing brand. The guideline was clear: to demonstrate that everyone, and not only detailing experts, can complete car care tasks with success. We knew that the products we were to propose had to be highly effective and also widely available at affordable prices.

The Brumm car care products come into such categories as car body care, interior detailing, accessories, and tow ropes and straps. The Brumm care products are distinguished by their effectiveness, innovative design and pleasant scent, making them popular both among male and female customers. The formula of each product is composed to effectively solve at least one specific problem in car detailing and protection. The products are easy to use and hence can be effortlessly and efficiently applied by both professionals and amateurs, enabling each user to experience genuine pleasure of driving.